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Conferences, Public Lectures and Media

Conferences (speaker)

  • Cambridge (USA), Harvard Rockefeller Centre for Latin America, 2024 (Forthcoming).

  • Austin (USA), South by Southwest Festival, 2024 (Forthcoming)

  • Cairo (Egypt), International Council of Creative Industries Forum, British Council.2023.

  • San Antonio (USA), Certificate Cities Programme. Harvard. 2023

  • Istanbul (Turkey). Global Creative Industries Forum, British Council, 2022.

  • Pretoria (South Africa). South African Cultural Observatory (SACO) 4th International Conference Creative Economy Reset: Structuring the Creative and Cultural Industries for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future. Invited Main Speaker. 2022. 

  • Rome (Italy). G20 Culture Webinar on Building capacity through training and education “Human Capital - The Driver of Culture-led Regeneration”,  2021. 

  •  Paris (France), Cultural Policy, what’s new?, MSH Nord, 2020.

  •  Beirut (Lebanon), Cultural Entities Operating in Crisis Contexts, Antwark, 2020.

  •  Valdivia (Chile), Magna Closing Lecture, Seminario Ibero Americano Ecomomia de La Cultura, 2019.

  •  São Paulo (Brazil), Center of Reference of Creative Industries, CIs in Brazil, 2019.

  •  London, Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow (UK), QMUL, Arts One: “Challenges for Creative Industries in the XXI century.”, 2019.

  •  Manchester (UK), HOME: “Measuring and Increasing Value of Culture”, 2019.

  •  London (UK), Tate Modern: “The art of Cultural Exchange in an Economic point of view.”, 2018

  •  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Museum of Tomorrow: “Rethinking Economic Development.”, 2018.

  •  Rotterdam (NE), Erasmus University, Global South Summit: “Culture and Development’, 2018.

  •  Manchester (UK), University of Manchester: “Relative Values”, 2018.

  • ·London (UK), QMUL: “Relative Values: multidimensional Economic Value of the Culture.”, 2018.

  •  London(UK), The Stour Space (Hackney): “The value of culture in indigenous communities.”, 2018.

  •  Paris (France), MSH Nord: “Policies for Creative Industries Funding”, 2018.

  • London (UK), Network Centre: “Creative Economy and Economic Development”, 2018.

  • São Paulo (Brazil), MASP: “The value of Culture.”, 2017.

  • Valencia (Spain), University of Valencia: “Public funding for Culture and the Brazilian Case.”, 2017.

  • London (UK), Kings College of London: “Economy, Culture and Development”, 2016.

  • Paris (France), Sorbonne Summer School: “Culture and Economic Development”, 2016.

  • Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ministry of Culture “Creative Industries and Development”, 2016



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