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In progress

  • Itau Cultural Foundation, Data Panel for Creative Industries in Brazil – October 2019 – October 2020. Development of a digital platform of indicators of Creative Industries Markets in Latin American, emphasizing GDP, International Trade, Public Funding and Labor Market.

  • Brazilian National Bank of Development, Evaluation of Impact of Leon Cinema in Minas Gerais January 2020 – August 2020. Comprehensive mapping of Socio-economic impact of a public cinema located a historical area in Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • British Council India, Mapping of West Bengal Creative Industries October 2019– March 2020. Comprehensive mapping of Economic Impact of Creative Industries in West Bengal, India.

  • AHRC: Beyond Exchange: raising the value, increasing flow and ensuring the socio-economic impact of arts & cultural resources in peripheral territories  February 2019 – June 2020 – training and co-application of research instrument about the multidimensional impact for 40 arts organizations led by young people in peripheral areas of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

  • British Council, Baseline of entrepreneurial activities in Creative Industries and Social Vulnerability in Brazil – DICE Program. November 2018 – April 2020.Comprehensive mapping of organizations acting in Creative Industries and Social Development on the national territory of Brazil, applying common methodology with Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa and India.

  • LABEX-ICCA, Sorbonne, Paris 13 – Brazilian Approach of the French Model on Cultural Policy: institutional dynamics, government budget and the regulation of economy on culture, November 2017 – November 2019, Principal Investigator, funded by Paris XII University LABEX-ICCA The research aims to observe the influence of the paradigms of cultural policies in France over the formulation and implementation of cultural policy in Brazil with emphasis on the institutional, economic and regulatory dimensions that follow those paradigms

  • Newton Advanced Fellowship, September 2018- October 2020, for “Counting Culture: what do we need to know about how Creative Industries can deliver equitably, just and sustainable development in Brazil and the UK?”, funded by British Academy, Principal Investigator. This research project aims to develop a study on the British public policy model for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI), with an emphasis on producing alternative evidence about their impacts, expressed as cultural-economic value.

  • ESCR Global Challenge Funding, June 2018 – June 2021, for Building the barricades: Three interdisciplinary studies on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in the context of armed violence in Brazil. Co-Investigator in Cultural Consumption studies, with Paul Heritate (QMU of London/PPP). This multi-disciplinary project seeks to reveal social and economy of culture insights into Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Brazilian urban communities made fragile by multiple stress factors (socio-economic exclusion, high levels of violence, limited access to cultural networks and institutions). A survey with 1200 interviews will be applied in Brazil.


  • AHRC Cultural Value Follow-On award, August 2017-July 2018, for ‘Relative Values’, 12-month research programme with Paul Heritage (QMUL/PPP) as Co-Investigator. The project aimed to pilot a reference model with agreed indicators that enables four collaborator arts organisations to produce informations about economic multidimensional impact.

  • The Currency of Cultural Exchange: re-thinking models of indigenous development’;
    18-month research programme with Paul Heritage (QMUL/PPP) as Co-Investigator. The project aimed to support a pilot programme enabling AIKAX (Kuikuro Indigenous Association of the Upper Xingu-Brazil) to measure impact and demonstrate the ways in which cultural exchange can stimulate economic development and welfare in ways that are not destructive to the Kuikuro culture and languages.

  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul & Paris XIII  Sorbonne University ‘Digitization of the music market and its impacts on Brazil and France’ programme, since April 2016, Principal Investigator, funded by Brazil’s and France’s Ministry of Culture,. The joint research project is structured around the transformations occurred in Brazil and France, in the business models of their musical sector after the emergence of digitization and streaming services.

  • NECCULT, Audiovisual Productive Arrangement Development Plan, May 2014 – May 2015, Coordinator, funded by State of Rio Grande do Sul government. The Development Plan presents proposals for short-, medium- and long-term policy on policy on audiovisual.

  • NECCULT, Culture Satellite Account and International Trade in Goods and Services in the Creative Economy, P-I, funded by the Brazilian Secretary of Creative Economy. A national project in which the PI take the responsibility to give theoretical tools to the consolidation of Brazilian Statistics on Cultural Economics and International Trade in cultural goods and services.

  • Brazilian research council. Entrepreneurship and new models of business on Creative Industries: music, fashion and audiovisual, February 2014 – August 2016, Principal Investigator, funded by CNPQ. Studies about the existence of new business models that may explain some potentially favourable performances CIs. Studies on institutional frameworks (legal and organizational of the sector in innovative productive systems) are considered that enable this condition of market expansion.

  • NECCULT, Platform of Indicators on Cultural Funding: Toolkit, August 2015 – August 2017, Coordinator, funded by Ministry of Culture of Brazil. The project aimed to develop a Toolkit of Indicators about Brazilian Culture Funding.

  • NECCULT,  Territorial Development and Strengthening of Creative Economy in Brazil (Studies about Policy and new business models in the creative industries) and Economic Atlas of Creative Industries, January 2015 – January 2019, Coordinator, funded by Brazilian Secretary of Creative Economy, The research aims: i) Evidence-Policy focused studies on the promotion of the creative and cultural sectors in Brazil in order to identify the economic potential in Economy of Culture in the country; ii ) evaluation of new models of business in CIs, providing a general plan concerning potentialities and regional strategies; iii) development of a Brazilian Atlas of Cultural Economics.